Sushilight ❘ Staycation

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The summer ended all of a sudden, that’s how it always goes in Berlin. Now the days are 4 hours shorter and 15°C colder than one week ago and everybody is preparing for 8 months of winter.

Of course this summer had to come to an end at some point, and I am not gonna complain, it was one of the best summers I’ve ever had. In a way it was surprising cause the weather was a big shit and I didn’t even leave for travelling what I usually do. But then, I guess it’s all about the attitude. My intention for this summer was to let go and be open which was quite a challenge. And it took a couple of tries but then I got into a real nice flow. I got to know interesting people, discovered new places and even 1 or 2 new feelings. And by exploring the city with different people and getting into their way of living it, it sometimes felt like travelling.

I thought nothing could be added to the way I am experiencing the atmosphere of Berlin but I was wrong. The last months are still echoing in my head and heart so I am gonna keep on enjoying for a bit. This song is fitting perfectly.

Beirut - “Santa Fe”

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