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This week one of my biggest dreams came true and it was even better than I imagined it to be. I met Douglas Coupland… and I even got to talk to him and he was just -- nice. The meeting was so surreal but so real at the same time, as if it was something that had to happen.

I think it’s scary to meet your heroes because if it’s a disappointment it’s a disappointment for life. And i guess it’s kind of the same with a couple of other things that cause high expectations but -- I hope that I will always go for it, no matter how big the disappointment could be, because i think that’s what it’s all about.

In my eyes Douglas Coupland is one of the most gifted writers and I love all of his books but there is one thing that struck me recently: there is no music in his writing. It’s not missing and it wouldn’t improve the writing (of course not), it’s just that it isn’t there.

But since, as for me, there is always music in everything that means something to me, I’m gonna add my song of this week to his writing like a bonus, like another dimension.

Thee More Shallows -- “Ask me About Jon Stross”

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