Sushilight ❘ Berlin Tourist for One Night

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Last Thursday I heard that one of my all time favorite bands would give a private gig in Berlin the very same day. No tickets on sale, but since I’m a professional groupie I found the venue they would play. It was a hotel so I booked a room to get to see the show which was just amazing.

I had planned to fly to Rome in june to see the national play in front of around 10 000 people. Instead I got to see them play in front of 300 people in Berlin and partying at the after show party in the hotel bar right next to me.
It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and I got to talk to one of the guitarists in the lift on the way to my room.
…Sleeping in a hotel in your hometown, nice trip.

The National -- “Graceless”

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