Sushilight ❘ All is Well

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I recently noticed that during those last two years I got less and less attached to people I let into my life. My curve of affection decreased steadily. As for the persons who were important to me I started from being in love, passed by having a crush and ended up to just like. I couldn’t say which of those states of mind/ heart I preferred. I guess there is no answer. But I think that each of those feelings made allowance for the respective person and for what I was ready to invest.

I don’t remember the last time I didn’t have a special person in my life so this kind of independence is rather new for me. And I am surprised it doesn’t feel as if there was anything missing, maybe it means that this is what I need right now.

I like the idea to be kind of emotionally clean as far as it’s possible to end 2011 and start something new whatever that might be. Sorry for being so corny but yes, I think all is well.

Radical Face - “All is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye)”

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