Sushilight ❘ Viktoriapark

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Shit, Berlin got me again… Yes, I loved to spent my time sitting in the warm evening sun on the top of the Kreuzberg lately… I guess it means that I started to assume the dynamic of the city. But even though that is exactly what I tried to avoid I have to admit that I am not unhappy.

Blind Pilot - ”I Buried a Bone”

Sushilight ❘ Try Again

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I often end up loving things I first hate. Sometimes I just try and try again until liking what I didn’t like at the beginning because it seems worth trying and sometimes I just realize that I changed my mind. It happens with people, with food, with everything. It never worked for my last job though and I still don’t like black tea but I got a couple of very good friends that way and this week I stumbled across a song by Bon Iver I got totally addicted to.

I was sitting in a plane to istanbul discovering the new records I had gotten for my journey when I first heard the track. I couldn’t stop listening to it so kept on pushing the repeat-button over and over again. I was surprised because I couldn’t stand the singer’s voice when I first heard it some time ago. But the more I listened to the song the more it touched me and for a while it gained a couple of extra dimensions, those dimensions you usually only hear when having a huge crush on someone. It’s been a while that a song had such a strong effect on me, can’t wait for not liking something next…

Anyway the whole album is just beautiful, it was the perfect soundtrack for exploring a city, cruising on the Bosporus, walking through the streets and mosques, meeting people and eating pastries I still don’t have a clue what they were filled with.

Bon Iver -- “Perth”

Sushilight ❘ (Nice Dream)

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This song accompanied me during the last week. It was the perfect music for lying on the beach

…dreaming about having a cocktail with Voltaire

Radiohead -- “Lotus Flower”

Sushilight ❘ Thanks for the break…

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The song I’ve been listening to most lately doesn’t have to do anything with my week and this is why it’s fitting perfectly. This week it felt like life had accelerated all of a sudden and I had to do the same to keep up with it. I like those unexpected changes, I think they are challenging but what I like best about stressful times are those little absurd moments which, when you’re running through the days only thinking about what you have to do next and taking everything and yourself so serious, pop up and bring you right back into the present. Happenings, words, smells you are not expecting but that make you slow down for a bit and realize where you are… before reaccelerating.


EMA -- “Breakfast”


Sushilight ❘ Please don’t dance

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Have you ever been told that you cannot dance? As for me the answer is yes, again and again, even though I usually don’t even dance in public… only exception: concerts!

So, last week I went to a concert of one of my favorite bands and got surprised by the opening act BALTHAZAR, whose lead singer seemed to be my dance-twin. First I felt embarrassed for him but after a couple of songs I was impressed by his self-confidence that turned his disability into coolness. I loved the show and especially the last song they played, which since then I cannot stop listening to and that makes me dance every time I hear it, whether I’m standing or sitting, driving or taking a shower. I probably look stupid and that makes me laugh. And I love these moments because there is nothing better than laughing and dancing.

Sushilight ❘ Punk Protection

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I’ll leave the song of my last week. I guess the song gave me some lightness which i needed.

Beatsteaks - “Milk & Honey”