Sushilight ❘ Ohne Worte

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…November 2013

Lescop -- La Forêt

Sushilight ❘ Berlin Tourist for One Night

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Last Thursday I heard that one of my all time favorite bands would give a private gig in Berlin the very same day. No tickets on sale, but since I’m a professional groupie I found the venue they would play. It was a hotel so I booked a room to get to see the show which was just amazing.

I had planned to fly to Rome in june to see the national play in front of around 10 000 people. Instead I got to see them play in front of 300 people in Berlin and partying at the after show party in the hotel bar right next to me.
It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and I got to talk to one of the guitarists in the lift on the way to my room.
…Sleeping in a hotel in your hometown, nice trip.

The National -- “Graceless”

Sushilight ❘ Dengue-nostalgia

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Sushilight ❘ Nochmal

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Grizzly Bear -- “Yet Again”

Sushilight ❘ Spring Explosions

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A friend recently made me discover this amazing band. I love the pureness and the optimism this song is spreading.

It sounds like a melancholic story with a happy ending. And even though I am not too much into happy endings I think that this one is fitting perfectly and it feels just right.

Explosions In the Sky - “Yasmin the Light”

Sushilight ❘ :)

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Those potatoes remind me of my law studies.

Lali Puna -- “Move On”

Sushilight ❘ Lucky Me

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I went to a nice concert last night. didn’t know the band but I won the tickets at a radio station. Nice discovery, the guys are super young but they had such an indredible sound. maybe it was due to the club, berghain, that’s the one people are partying around the clock, very surreal atmosphere.

Vondelpark -- “Camels”

Sushilight ❘ All is Well

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I recently noticed that during those last two years I got less and less attached to people I let into my life. My curve of affection decreased steadily. As for the persons who were important to me I started from being in love, passed by having a crush and ended up to just like. I couldn’t say which of those states of mind/ heart I preferred. I guess there is no answer. But I think that each of those feelings made allowance for the respective person and for what I was ready to invest.

I don’t remember the last time I didn’t have a special person in my life so this kind of independence is rather new for me. And I am surprised it doesn’t feel as if there was anything missing, maybe it means that this is what I need right now.

I like the idea to be kind of emotionally clean as far as it’s possible to end 2011 and start something new whatever that might be. Sorry for being so corny but yes, I think all is well.

Radical Face - “All is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye)”

Sushilight ❘ Staycation

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The summer ended all of a sudden, that’s how it always goes in Berlin. Now the days are 4 hours shorter and 15°C colder than one week ago and everybody is preparing for 8 months of winter.

Of course this summer had to come to an end at some point, and I am not gonna complain, it was one of the best summers I’ve ever had. In a way it was surprising cause the weather was a big shit and I didn’t even leave for travelling what I usually do. But then, I guess it’s all about the attitude. My intention for this summer was to let go and be open which was quite a challenge. And it took a couple of tries but then I got into a real nice flow. I got to know interesting people, discovered new places and even 1 or 2 new feelings. And by exploring the city with different people and getting into their way of living it, it sometimes felt like travelling.

I thought nothing could be added to the way I am experiencing the atmosphere of Berlin but I was wrong. The last months are still echoing in my head and heart so I am gonna keep on enjoying for a bit. This song is fitting perfectly.

Beirut - “Santa Fe”

Sushilight ❘ Groupie For Life

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This week one of my biggest dreams came true and it was even better than I imagined it to be. I met Douglas Coupland… and I even got to talk to him and he was just -- nice. The meeting was so surreal but so real at the same time, as if it was something that had to happen.

I think it’s scary to meet your heroes because if it’s a disappointment it’s a disappointment for life. And i guess it’s kind of the same with a couple of other things that cause high expectations but -- I hope that I will always go for it, no matter how big the disappointment could be, because i think that’s what it’s all about.

In my eyes Douglas Coupland is one of the most gifted writers and I love all of his books but there is one thing that struck me recently: there is no music in his writing. It’s not missing and it wouldn’t improve the writing (of course not), it’s just that it isn’t there.

But since, as for me, there is always music in everything that means something to me, I’m gonna add my song of this week to his writing like a bonus, like another dimension.

Thee More Shallows -- “Ask me About Jon Stross”